Irresistible Free Dingbat Fonts | Part II

Curious are the miscellaneous dingbat fonts, for most characters contain a picture. They range from vintage folk art to blocks, decorative ornaments, lava lamps and the coveted western glyphs displaying words. For part 2 of the dingbats posts I was surprised to find what appears to be a grungy French calligraphy border frames font. Whatever the use, for design or just looking, dingbats are an intriguing typographic art form.

To get an idea of how dingbats worked before the age of digitization, check out the gorgeous images of a letterpress shop: Scenes from a Letterpress Printshop — My Beautiful Old Lead Type Is for Sale.

Warning: If you go and download them all, I highly suggest using some sort of font manager, as a lot of these can be very graphics/processor intensive.  Nexus Font is what I use in windows, and it allows you to use font sets on a per need basis without installing them on your computer. If you run linux, you can run fontmatrix or create a  folder called .fonts in your home directory (use ctrl-H to show hidden dot files). You can switch them out on a per need basis this way manually by just renaming your working font folder to .fonts. Here's a myfonts list by os.

Post Image Book Cover Texture by: Lost Thyme

Medieval Dingbats by: Lord Kyl Mackay

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  1. Hey, there! I like the Damask Dings. You can build your own damask, turn it into a pattern, or a brush, and design away! Thank you for this cool list of Dingbats. I think I'm going to go play with them for a bit. LOL


  2. @suruha I've been wanting to make a pattern with the damask dings for so long now! I think I'm going to make one this weekend. ♥

  3. Just saw this post- these are fantastic dingbats!Ty for including Damask Dings. It does not compare to the rest in this list! Schluss Vignetten and Squares Font are staples, truly. Griffen Bats and Woodcuts are also superb. I have been on a dingbat kick lately, these are just what I have been looking for. Thanks Su!

  4. hey how do you create dingbats..pls give me some tips..:)...pls its a request....i wish to also turn images into dinbats or fonts.. ne tips???

  5. hi pls let me know how you create dingbats....i also wish to convert images to dingbats...pls share some tips in your spare time...thnx

    1. You can try this post as a starting place to learn: