30 Social Media Icon Packs - Super Sweet and Free

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I can remember a time when social icons were a very rare commodity on the web.  As social networking and blogging evolved, the freebies - including icon sets - became more abundant.  I present you with a wonderful roundup of 30 free social networking icon packs that you can snag to use for your business cards, blog or website.  

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Hand Tag Icons | by: Land Of Web

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My Secret Icons | by: Artdesigner.lv

Vibrant Sophisticated Social Media Icon Set | by: CreativeNerds

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Blueprint Social Icons | by: Tyzyano

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Colored Pen Sketchy Icon Set | by: iconexpo.com

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Social Network Icons | by: WuHa Design

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Grungy Sticker Icon Set | by: PVM Garage

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Social Bookmarking Character Icon Set | by: Bevel and Emboss

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Glass Icon Set Freebie | by: Custom Power Designs

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Seize Mini Social Icons | by: Ares Stephane Reverdy

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Destroying the Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking Icons by: yettezkiedoodle

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Picasso Free Social Media Icon Set | by: IconShock

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150 Free Badges in PSD and PNG Format | by: Designer's Digest

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Birdies: Free Twitter Icon Set | by: IconEden

Flag Social Media Icon Set | by: Designer's Digest

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Stitched Icon Set Freebie | by: Custom Power Designs

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Free Leaf Social Icon Pack | by: PSDude

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Free Watercolor Social Icons | by: Towfiq I.

Social Charms Pack 2 | by: Micronicon

Free Social Stickers | by: Digital Delight

Social Icon Set - Expanded - Stickers | by:  Pro Magazine

Social Sketches | by: Phoenix Heart

Macchiato Social Icons | by: 19eighty7

24 Stitch Style Social Media Icons | by: Creative Repository

Simple Social Icons PSD | by: designmoo

Vector Social Icons (Additional Icons - Pack Update) | by: icondock

Vintage Icon Set For Bloggers | by: WebExpedition18

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Twitter Bird Icon | by: PSDude

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  1. Thank you. The change jar in my secret icons pack will be great for a donations button on a current project im working on.

  2. Thank you for sharing! So many nice choices.